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Juanna performed our ceremony back in August. I cannot recommend her enough. It was the most beautifully delivered ceremony. We were so incredibly lucky to have her. Thanks again ❤️ Sarah and Stephen, Canada

I love my sessions with Juanna : she is such a wise, empathetic and uplifting counsellor. I always come away feeling blessed and renewed; in touch with my path, my purpose, and my 'place in the family of things'. Julia, London

Rev Juanna Grace held our ceremony with such deep love, integrity and beauty. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lucinda, UK

I heard Juanna speak at a funeral and though she was not the minister at this particular funeral, it felt as though the words she spoke were a soft hug. I don't recall what words she spoke, I just remember the warm feeling washing over me as I mourned along with my companions. Lara, Switzerland

I once attended a first-time mother's blessingway, led by Juanna. As we began, the mother was slightly nervous - feeling the uncertain parts of her journey ahead. Then Juanna began. With words softly spoken, she led the mother and her accompanying womenfolk into a secure and solid space with sides. And now expectant wonder was what the mother looked to be the feeling. Not uncertainty. We laughed, we sang, we sat silently, and somehow Juanna managed to spin a kind of thread from person to person,  with the mother safe at the centre. By the end she was ready, excited even, glittering with the privilege of birth and the arrival of her baby ahead.    Natalie, Birth Doula, London

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