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Legal Weddings and Partnership Blessings

It is my delight to hold wedding and partnership ceremonies. Working together, we craft a ceremony that really represents your relationship and your hopes for your marriage. 

I am legally permitted to solemnise your wedding in Scotland, should you wish to include that in your ceremony. 


What do I offer?

* design and delivery of your ceremony
* resources for music, readings, poems
* ideas for rituals you may wish to include
* support as you create the vision of your marriage and your vows 
* video/in-person calls

* rehearsal


Above all what I offer is to really listen.


I offer to listen to you to help create an authentic and personal ceremony where you and your guests can be absolutely comfortable, relaxed, included and held. 

What is a One Spirit Interfaith Wedding/Partnership Blessing?


A One Spirit Minister works from the place where all the words spiritual traditions meet - a place of listening, simplicity, inclusion, honour, generosity, acceptance and peacemaking. I am happy to work with the elements of your traditions to find the most authentic way for you to bring your whole self to this ceremony. Your spiritual traditions and practises can be part of the ceremony - this includes those whose world view does not fit with any organised faith.

To know more about the code of ethics by which I work, just click the link below.



Where can you hold our wedding?

As a legal solemnised in Scotland, I can hold your wedding at the location of your choice.


I can hold non-legal ceremonies outside Scotland, which would mean that you would need to hold the legal part of your ceremony either at another time or invite the local legal solemnised to your wedding to hold that part separately.















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