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A Lung and Heart Remedy

I wrote this poem, as my own medicine prescription, and when I need it, I take it mornings and evenings.

A Lung and Heart Remedy

When the darkness of a starless sky

Threatens to seep into your every safe place

To overpower every happy memory

And to scream in agonising silence

Then breathe

Breathe slowly

Think only of breathing

Allow the air to hold you

Call upon the wild air to fill you up

rest upon the ground - prostrate

And simply breathe -in - out -

And so on

Until this moment passes

This wave crashes upon the shore of your heart

And then

When the storm is over

Give thanks

And know

now, and now, and now

I can survive every storm

The memory of every tender kiss of the sun

Warms my blood

And pulses through my heart

And carries my spirit

This is my remedy.

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