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TRE: Trauma Release Exercises


A powerful therapy which allows trauma to be released from the body, without the need to bring it into a storyline. I have found the exercises to be very helpful in moving old stagnant energy, bypassing any sentimental tendency to lick the wounds. However, for emotional trauma which was acquired in childhood, this therapy may be best combined with other modalities.

The Work: Byron Katie


This is a wonderful way to investigate our thoughts, and to find a way through the maze of the monkey mind who would destroy our inner peace and happiness by always finding fault in others and ourselves.

Vipassana Meditation, as taught by SN Goenka

Vipassana is a technique of mediatation taught by The Buddha. People can attend a meditation centre for a 10 day silent retreat, to experience the path of renunciation - even for just a short time. The courses are very popular and need to be booked in advance. There is no cost - all accommodation, food and tuition is paid for by past students - a true 'pay it forward' system which works well. All the work is done by volunteers - past pupils who see this as an opportunity to give selfless service and deepen their own practise.

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